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Specialist of authentic and affordable accommodations in French Polynesia, we put at your service our knowledge, advice and local contacts to help you find the best accommodations in the islands you will visit during your stay. 
Whether you are on your honeymoon, couple's vacation or a family vacation, you will find the right accommodations to make your stay magical.

Live an authentic experience in local hotels and Polynesian guesthouse lodges

Guesthouse Lodges

What is the concept of Polynesian Guesthouse - Lodge

These small local hotels also called locally Guesthouse or Lodge, are an inexpensive way to stay in French Polynesia islands.
Typical of French Polynesia, this type of accommodation is not only very affordable, but above all authentic for those who wish a more personalized experience and to build lasting connections with people and our islands.

These accommodations in the Polynesian islands are located on the edge of lagoon beaches, or in lush gardens.

Although there are different categories, Polynesian guesthouses Lodges generally offer accommodation in individual private bungalows (called “faré” here) of good comfort, including bedding, towels, and bathroom. 

Meals are served in a “faré poté ” (covered outdoor building).

Everything is planned to make your stay enjoyable: airport transfers, various activities, and excursions. Some of these lodges also have a bar service so you can enjoy your favorite cocktail while admiring the beautiful Polynesian sunsets. 

And above all, your Polynesian hosts will be happy to share their culture and traditions with you.

What are the advantages of these Guesthouses ? 

It is the most affordable, unique and authentic accommodation style in French Polynesia. It is the best way to stay at a reasonable price and immerse yourself in the local culture to discover French Polynesia in an authentic way. 

A unique experience for your honeymoon, your couple or family vacation. In some Polynesian islands, Guesthouses are the only type of accommodation available.

Experience an unforgettable trip in French Polynesia 

A wild nature, unforgettable colors, mystical atmosphere, lagoons of unequalled beauty, people generous of their culture and of an incomparable kindness: the islands of French Polynesia are a preserved paradise that will touch you deeply. 
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We offer a wide choice of unique accommodations and activities for your vacation in French Polynesia. Accommodations are classified according to the islands you will visit. 

Save money and discover the unique landscapes of our islands with accommodation in private guesthouses lodge; also called small family hotels. 

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